Skiing By Private Jet

Wherever you’re heading to ski this year, dBB Aviation’s experts are ready to assist you with getting to the slopes. Our experienced team will take the stress out of arranging the flights and transfers.

Depending on which resort you’re travelling to, you can save up to 7 hours when skiing by private jet. Skiing by private jet allows you to reduce check in time to 15 minutes, meaning within 20 minutes of arriving at the airport you can be airborne and on the way. Compared to travelling on a commercial airline with a European flight check in time of 2 hours.

Skiing by Private Jet

Private Jets can also access airports which commercial aircraft cannot, getting you closer to your resort. You can fly direct to airports such as Sion, Samedan and Gstaad can reduce ground transfer time by up to 90%. Down from 90 minutes to just 8 minutes in some cases!

Prefer skiing or boarding with your own equipment? Many aircraft have dedicated storage for your ski gear. Simply turn up to the airport and place your bags and kit on the trolley and let the private terminal staff handle the rest. No need to check your ski bag into the oversized baggage area and long waits at baggage claim on arrival.

Luxury Ski Chalet

dBB Aviation’s experienced team can even help with arranging door to door transfers. All you need to worry about is making sure you’ve packed enough warm gear! If you want to reduce the travel time even further we can book helicopters transfers so you can be at your resort minutes after landing. Skiing by private jet is a great way to get the family to the Alps with less hassle.

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