Skiing by Private Jet 2021

The 2020/2021 ski season is about to get underway across Europe and North America. With significant amounts of snow falling early this year some resorts have opened earlier than ever but some are still dealing with Covid 19 restrictions. A few of the resorts which chose to open earlier have had to temporarily close due to enhanced restrictions being imposed. Check out our status report below for which resorts are open, when temporary restrictions are due to be lifted and where you can travel to by private jet for skiing in 2021.


Leading the way with opening, Switzerland has the highest number of resorts open at the time of writing. Authorities are planning for a normal opening timetable as the snow arrives. Switzerland has avoided a winter national lockdown so resorts across the country are ready to make the most of the early snowfall. Swiss Ski centres that are currently open have strict measures in place to prevent any spread of Covid 19.


Normally opening mid December, the exact timing of French ski resorts opening this season is subject to the end of a second national lockdown, now expected in January. While the glacier resorts of Les Deux Alps and Tignes had already opened, unfortunately they were forced to close temporarily. Val Thorens had originally targeted an opening date of 21st of November which has also had to delay to in line with the rest of the countries resorts.


Austrian resorts are planning for a normal operation for the 2020-2021 ski season. Nine ski centres had opened in October but have since had to temporarily close due to a second national lockdown being imposed. Similar to France, the majority of areas usually open mid December so are on track to open in line with restrictions easing at the start of December. One of Austria’s largest ski resorts, Ischgl, has also confirmed that it doesn’t plan to open now until mid-December.

Private Jet Skiing 2021


Italy’s ski season was gathering pace in October after four areas were opened with fantastic conditions due to continued early snowfall. Similar to Austria, unfortunately Italy has been subject to enhanced restrictions due to Covid 19 and resorts which were open were forced to close for a month on the 27th of October. Considering how hard northern Italy was hit during the first wave of the pandemic, it’s currently unclear whether resorts will open in mid December.

North America

A number of resorts in Canada and the United States have begun to open. Mammoth Mountain in California, Lookout Pass in Idaho and Cypress Mountain in BC, Canada being some of the first. High demand in Canada and Colorado is seeing a limited number of tickets selling out which is expected to ease as more resorts open. Canadian ski centres are operating with stricter restrictions than in Europe such as fewer skiers on the mountain and on lifts in addition to social distancing.

Skiing By Private Jet 2021

What If I Need To Cancel My Ski Trip Due To Covid 19?

We’ve recently seen an increase in requests for ski trips in the New Year and some customers have been asking us, what if I have to cancel my ski trip? We understand that you may have to cancel your ski trip due to Covid 19 so dBB Aviation work with operators to get the most competitive cancellation fees possible. Our cancellation fees can be up to 50% lower than other providers and some times we can even have cancellation fees waived by operators. Booking with dBB Aviation gives you greater peace of mind should your plans change. As a business built on trust we will be transparent with cancellation policies before booking and if you have a specific circumstance you would like us to check we will be very happy to do so.

We can see a clear appetite for skiing from both patrons and businesses across Europe and North America. Many resorts are gearing up to open as soon as they possibly can with enhanced safety measures where necessary.

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