Samedan Airport by Private Jet

Fly to Samedan Airport by Private Jet

Located in the Southeast corner of Switzerland, Samedan Airport is a regional private airport in the in the Engadin valley. Lots of our customers fly to Samedan airport by private jet each year.

Located just five kilometres from the famous St. Moritz ski resort, this prime location airport is a popular entry point throughout the winter season. Being the closest airport to Davos so is a hub for the Davos World Economic Forum throughout January each year.

Sat 5,600ft above sea level, Samedan is the highest airport that accepts the majority of private aircraft types in the Alps. Only Courchevel is higher with an elevation of 6,588ft however, due to the short runway at Courchevel airport, the airport is highly restricted to chartered aircraft.

With a runway length of 6,000ft, Samedan airport can accept a wide range of aircraft from Turboprop’s to Ultra-Long Range Jets such as Bombardier Globals, Gulfstreams and Dassault Falcons and VIP Airliners. This opens up the airport and surrounding resorts for direct flights from the Unites States, Middle East and Asia.

Samedan can be a popular solution to fly you closer to your resort however, like many mountainous airports, flights are heavily subject to weather throughout the winter months. With no VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Range) and ILS (Instrument Landing System) equipment that are required for landing in adverse weather, aircraft can be diverted to alternative nearby airports if the captain deems the visibility to be poor. At dBB Aviation, we will always be transparent throughout the quoting process, before and on the day of flight to ensure there are no unnecessary surprises.

Private Jet Terminals at Samedan Airport

Sion airport has a 1 Private Terminal and dedicated handling agent for private jets. Smooth service and privacy is guaranteed when you hire a private jet to Samedan airport.

Samedan Airport Facts



Longest Runway Length: 6,000ft

Number of Runways: 1

Type: Private

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