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The World Economic Forum (WEF) takes place annually in the alpine resort of Davos, Switzerland. One of the busiest events each year for private jet charter people come from across the world to attend. Each year in January over 1,000 private flights will take place to and from the surrounding airports. Samedan, St Gallen, Zurich, Innsbruck & Friedrichshafen and sometimes further afield all see an increase in traffic across the 4 day itinerary.
Its not unusual for over 200 public figures from across the world to be involved with the conference. G20 leaders, UN members, current & former presidents and prime ministers, billionaires, tech pioneers, social entrepreneurs and celebrities will attend. In addition over 2,500 business leaders from across the globe will travel to Davos.
World Economic Forum Davos
What does the World Economic Forum do?
The World Economic Forum is the International Organisation for Public-Private Cooperation. Established in 1971 the WEF is a not-for-profit foundation focusing on driving entrepreneurship across the world in the global public interest while upholding the highest standards of governance. In a nutshell, ensuring that both public and private companies are driving forward on issues such as the environment, poverty, technology, business sciences and government to name a few issues. You can learn more about the WEF at
Why is the World Economic Forum so busy for Private Jets?
Time is money. Considering the wealth and status of the attendees, businesses and governments will send their top staff to the WEF. While attending many will expect business to continue as normal, especially for the worlds politicians who will be in attendance.
How do I get from the airport to the World Economic Forum?
It can take up to 2 hours to travel by road to Davos, many of the most time pressured attendees will book a helicopter transfer. By far the most time efficient way to get to the conference, you can be picked up from the stairs of your private jet and on the helicopter within minutes of landing. Flight time to Davos will depend on the airport which you land into but will be around 20-30 minutes.
Private Jet at Samedan for World Economic Forum
Why is my private jet delayed during the World Economic Forum?
Over the 4 day period its likely that airports in the region will suffer from Air Traffic Control delays due to the influx of private jets. As there will be many more aircraft to manage Air Traffic Control will enforce windows of arrival and departure to ensure the most safe and efficient traffic management which may cause a delay to your flight.
Book a Private Jet to the World Economic Forum
People often ask us, how do I book a private jet to the World Economic Forum? Our private jet experts can help you with booking a private jet charter to the WEF.
Booking in advance is the best way to secure your preferred travel itinerary. There are several factors which will need to be considered when booking such as; obtaining airport slots and parking, private jet availability, permits (if travelling from outside the EU. Our charter experts will help and advise you through this process when booking and through out your flight.
Contact our private jet charter experts today on +44(0)2039600123 or for a quote for your private flight to Davos.

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