Private Jet Travel During Covid 19

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Travel across the world has been disrupted significantly due to the Covid 19 outbreak. Earlier in the year, travel was mainly only possible within countries or to re-patriate passengers. However, as countries began to ease their travel restrictions, either due to falling cases or to bolster tourism economies. We have started to see leisure and business travel begin to return, albeit at lower than normal levels. As we wait for a vaccine, rapid testing or the eventual disappearance of Covid 19, flying by private jet is a great way to travel while continuing to mitigate your exposure risk to Covid 19.

Private Jet Travel During Covid 19

How Does Private Jet Travel Reduce Exposure To Covid 19?

Many of the benefits to private jet travel directly translate into reducing exposure risk, these include;

  • Dedicated use of the aircraft for you and your family – No sitting near strangers on large aircraft for long periods.
  • Arrive at the airport minutes before you fly and leave the airport moments after landing – Dedicated security and immigration channels reduce waiting time to the bare minimum.
  • Flying from private terminals where possible – No need to be amongst large crowds for long periods.
  • Private jets are regularly sanitised – The frequency of cleaning regimes has increased due to Covid 19 to further reduce risk.
  • Crew members and private terminal staff wear PPE and socially distance as much as practicable.

Some travel restrictions are still in place across Europe and the World and these change regularly. Our dedicated team is ready to help you with any Covid 19 travel restrictions and potential quarantine requirements. Contact us today and we will help you with checking the feasibility of any trip.

If you are thinking of travelling our team are ready to assist with advice, guidance and no obligation quotes to help you get to where you need to be as safely as possible.

You can email us at any time on, call us on +442039600123 or simply submit an enquiry via our website.

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