Private Jet to Courchevel

Courchevel Airport

Many of our customers travelling to The Alps ask us, can I take a private jet to Courchevel?

Even though Courchevel has an airport in the heart of the Alps visible from the slopes, there are many restrictions and limitations due to safety. Read on to find out more about what can and cant land at Courchevel.

Courcheval Airport With short runway to land private jets
The Piste Next To Courchevel Airport
Limitations and Restrictions

There are several restrictions which mean many private jets cannot land at Courchevel including; the short runway 537 metres, the runway gradient as seen in the image above and video below. the no go around approach which means pilots only get one chance at landing. Are you travelling from outside the Schengen Area? Courchevel does not have customs, meaning flights originating outside mainland Europe are not possible.

Who Can Land At Courchevel?

For a private jet to land at Courchevel they must meet strict criteria including; be flying from inside the Schengen Area and have sufficient performance to land on a short runway. Most charter aircraft which have good enough performance will legally require a longer runway. However, there are some prop aircraft such as a Pilatus PC12, Partenavia P68 and Aviator TP600 and even these may require strict weight limits to safely operate.  Furthermore, the weather is always a factor worth considering at Courchevel for both private jets and helicopters. There are some small private jets which can fly into Courchevel with 4 people, our team would be very happy to explain more.

Alternative Airports to Courchevel

With all of the limiting factors we always recommend using a larger airport in the surrounding area for your trip. We understand that ski trips can be stressful so our knowledgeable team can assist you with end to end logistics for your trip. With this in mind, we will find the closest airport, the right private jet and can even arrange helicopter transfers. All you need to do is simply tell the team where you will be staying and we will do the rest.

Contact our team today for a no obligation quote for your next trip to The Alps. You can reach the team on +442039600123 email us at or enquire via our website.

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