Private Jet Hire to Gstaad

Nestled in the Swiss mountains is the picturesque mountain town of Gstaad. Incredibly popular with skiers in the winter, its also a hot spot for hikers in the summer. A question we are often asked is, can I hire a private jet to Gstaad airport? And the answer is yes you can!

The closest airport to Gstaad town is Gstaad Saanen airport and only an 8 minute drive. The airport itself is located in a valley on the eastern tip of the Gruyere Pays-d’nhaut nature park. The approach into the airport one of the most scenic flights in the world and especially beautiful in the winter months.

Due to its location within The Alps, there has to be suitable weather in order to fly to/from Gstaad. The airport is also requires PPR which can be arranged with a few hours notice. Aircraft de-icing may be required when flying to Gstaad in the winter as temperatures can regularly be below freezing.

Private Jet to Gstaad

Only a limited number of aircraft can fly into Gstaad airport on a charter basis. The team at dBB Aviation can help find the right aircraft for your needs. Private jet hire to Gstaad airport can cut more than an hour off the ground transfer compared to using Bern airport.

One of the most popular private jets to fly to Gstaad on is the Pilatus PC12. This single engine Turbo Prop can perfectly handle the mountainous terrain and relatively short runway. The PC12 has fantastic performance and the comfort of a light jet. It can accommodate up to 8 passengers and has a generous baggage capacity.

If you’re thinking of hiring a private jet for your next trip to Gstaad contact us today. Our friendly charter advisors will help you with your trip and  can provide a free, no obligation quote. Contact us today on +442039600123 or or request a quote here.

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