Private Helicopter Profile – Agusta 109

Originally conceived in the late 1960’s by the Italian company Agusta, the AW109 has gone from strength to strength ever since. Following the merger with British company, Westland Helicopters in 2000, the helicopter was rebranded the Agusta Westland 109 (AW109).
With constant development and improvement including a regular introduction of new avionics and engine technologies. The fantastic Agusta Westland 109 (AW109) helicopter has a real pedigree and is one of the best selling civil helicopters in history. The AW109 has been in continuous production for 40 years and one of the most popular helicopters available on today’s charter market.
charter an Agusta 109
Versatility & Design

The AW109 fulfils a wide variety of roles from aeromedical, law enforcement, search and rescue and other military roles. The most common configuration however, is the VIP set up. The VIP version of the AW109 helicopter features 5 or 6 seat rear cabin with comfortable leather seats and a modern feel. The rear cabin has a face to face seating layout and large windows offering great views. The cockpit has two seats allowing one passenger can also ride up front if being flown single crew.


The AW109 range depends on the number/weight of passengers and bags and whether the helicopter is being flown by one pilot or two. Typically with 4 passengers and light luggage, the helicopter can fly approximately 90 minutes. The AW109 is suitable for rotors running refuelling which takes around 10 minutes. Meaning for those longer trips, the AW109 is an efficient and practical choice.

charter an agusta 109 - interior view

If you usually fly on a single engine helicopter or an AS355, then the Agusta 109 is a perfect next step. Why not charter an Agusta 109 helicopter for your next trip? Contact our helicopter charter experts today for more information on or +442039600123 or request a quote here.

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