Private Jet Profile: Global 7500

The Bombardier Global 7500 has quickly become one of the most desired aircraft on the charter market. It is the largest Ultra-Long-Range private jet to have entered service over the past two years and increasing in popularity. The leading Canadian manufacturer has developed upon its successful and popular Global 6000 to create the new aircraft. Featuring four luxury cabin zones for living, entertaining, dining and maximum comfort. Consisting of a Club Suite, Conference Suite, Entertainment Suite and Private Suite suitable for extended ranges of up to 14,300km. The aircraft is perfect for business, pleasure however, both at the same time is definitely an option with this aircraft. The dining area allows for a full width table enabling up to 7 passengers to eat at the same time.

Global 7500 Private Jet


The Global 7500’s performance, range and speed can see inaccessible routes open up, such as London to Singapore, New York to Hong Kong, Los Angeles to Sydney and Sao Paulo to Dubai. This allows seamless, direct flights with less time spent travelling and no fuel stops.

Cabin Features

Boasting the largest cabin its category, the Global 7500 can seat up to 17 passengers. However, 10-12 passengers is our recommendation to ensure everyone flies in comfort. The cabin utilises Bombardier P?r Air to circulate fresh air and filter out allergens, bacteria and viruses making it safer for Covid 19 travel. The luxurious and modern cabin allows for endless entertainment no matter how long the flight.

Global 7500 Dining Table

The Global 7500 private jet has been designed for seamless transition between life on the ground and long distance international flights. Incredibly, the aircraft has a service ceiling of 51,000ft one of the highest on the market and it boasts the largest galley in its category. Therefore, passengers can enjoy fine dining in a well-lit space from ultra-large windows followed by lying back and enjoying the large wall mounted TVs.

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