dBB Aviation Private Jet Charter Safety

Here at dBB Aviation safety comes first, we ensure that all aircraft operators have valid Aircraft Operating Certificates (AOC), airworthiness certificates, sufficient insurance and operating permits. In order to perform private jet charter flights, each aircraft operator has to complete an extremely thorough process to meet the requirements of their national aviation authority. This process demonstrates to the relevant regulator that they are competent to undertake safe commercial operations of their private aircraft. If these requirements are met the operator of the aircraft will be granted with a AOC.

The requirements for each AOC differ from country to country, but generally they include audits in areas such as aircraft maintenance, aircraft loading, flight planning, fuelling, crew training procedures, safety monitoring and policy and management. It can normally take an operator 2 years to earn an AOC.

?For our charters flights in the USA, we only provide private jet operators who have Part 135 registered aircraft ensuring our customers are flying on the most reliable and safest private jets available. The Part 135 certification is only granted by the Federal Aviation Authority to private jet operators that are permitted to fly commercially.

?In addition to this we use aircraft which are new or recently refurbished and piloted by two crew. The pilots and cabin attendants on all of our aircraft operate to the highest standards in accordance with the Civil Aviation Authority of the country where the aircraft is registered and/or operating within.

?On larger aircraft and long haul flights, there will be additional crew and a flight attendant to cater for the passengers needs on board and to ensure their safety throughout the flight.



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