Citation XLS Private Jet Profile

Cessna’s Citation XLS is easily one of the most popular jets on the private jet charter market. With space for up to 9 passengers, this aircraft is a work horse of both the European and U.S markets, we’ve taken a look at the key features which make the XLS so popular.
Citation XLS Private Jet
Spacious Cabin
With the largest cabin in class, the Citation XLS really allows you to get to your destination in comfort. Available in 2 different configurations, the most common layout is 6 full seats plus a 2 seat divan. The Citation XLS seats are wide and comfortable without compromising on freedom of movement around the cabin.
The Citation XLS has fantastic performance for a Super Light private jet. With the ability to travel from London to Marrakech, New York to the Caribbean or Hong Kong to Singapore. The XLS Citation offers fantastic value for money while getting closer to your destination.
Citation XLS Private Jet Cabin
Baggage Capacity
The Citation XLS baggage hold is unrivalled with 80 cubic feet of external storage. Translating this to real life terms, even with 8 passengers travelling there’s no worry about having to cut back on the amount of bags travelling.
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