Citation Latitude Private Jet Profile

Cessna’s Citation Latitude entered the market in 2015 and quickly filled the growing void in the Midsize private jet category. Cessna designed the Citation Latitude to bridge the gap between the popular but shorter range Citation XLS+ and Citation Sovereign.
Building on Cessna’s unmatched private jet pedigree, the Citation Latitude incorporates design features from sister aircraft. The Latitude is most similar to the Citation Sovereign. The aircraft share the same classification (C680/C68A) and the same wing design. The newly designed fuselage is the most important upgrade for the passenger. The Citation Latitude is wider by more than a foot providing a solid improvement to on board comfort. The Citation Latitude has a 6ft cabin height and flat floor meaning its easier to move about within the aircraft. The Citation Latitude has so much room on board that some charter operators provide a cabin attendant as standard.
Cessna Citation Latitude Private Jet Range
With the end of production of Beechcrafts popular Hawker range, the only other innovation within the Midsize category has been Embraer’s Legacy 450. Comparing the range of the Latitude, Legacy 450 and Hawker 900XP, all 3 aircraft have between 2,900 and 2,700 nautical miles. This translates to non stop flights such as Geneva to Dubai and LA to New York with 4 passengers on board. However, you only need to scratch the surface and the Latitude and Legacy 450 surpass the old Hawkers in many ways. The Latitude has 100 cubic feet of baggage meaning ample space for a family and a couple sets of golf clubs compared to the Hawkers 16 cubic feet. The Latitude can also handle a significantly larger payload and the cabin is much more modern.

The cabin design features on the Citation Latitude make the aircraft a pleasure to fly in. The low cabin altitude keeps you feeling refreshed during flight and the seats are large and comfortable. The galley is large enough to provide hot food and a large range of options for both short and long flights. The roomy lavatory is over 60% larger than its closest competitor and doesn’t feel cramped. Wi-fi is standard for mainland USA however, this is easily added for the rest of the world too.
Citation Latitude Private Jet Interior
If you usually fly on a Citation XLS or Phenom 300 the Citation Latitude is a perfect next step. The aircrafts lower running costs mean there is a fantastic compromise between comfort and price. Why not charter a Citation Latitude for your next trip? Contact our private jet charter experts today for more information on or +442039600123 or request a quote here.

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