Samedan Airport by Private Jet

Fly to Samedan Airport by Private Jet

Located in the Southeast corner of Switzerland, Samedan Airport is a regional private airport in the in the Engadin valley. Lots of our customers fly to Samedan airport by private jet each year.

Located just five kilometres from the famous St. Moritz ski resort, this prime location airport is a popular entry point throughout the winter season. Being the closest airport to Davos so is a hub for the Davos World Economic Forum throughout January each year.

Sat 5,600ft above sea level, Samedan is the highest airport that accepts the majority of private aircraft types in the Alps. Only Courchevel is higher with an elevation of 6,588ft however, due to the short runway at Courchevel airport, the airport is highly restricted to chartered aircraft.

With a runway length of 6,000ft, Samedan airport can accept a wide range of aircraft from Turboprop’s to Ultra-Long Range Jets such as Bombardier Globals, Gulfstreams and Dassault Falcons and VIP Airliners. This opens up the airport and surrounding resorts for direct flights from the Unites States, Middle East and Asia.

Samedan can be a popular solution to fly you closer to your resort however, like many mountainous airports, flights are heavily subject to weather throughout the winter months. With no VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Range) and ILS (Instrument Landing System) equipment that are required for landing in adverse weather, aircraft can be diverted to alternative nearby airports if the captain deems the visibility to be poor. At dBB Aviation, we will always be transparent throughout the quoting process, before and on the day of flight to ensure there are no unnecessary surprises.

Private Jet Terminals at Samedan Airport

Sion airport has a 1 Private Terminal and dedicated handling agent for private jets. Smooth service and privacy is guaranteed when you hire a private jet to Samedan airport.

Samedan Airport Facts



Longest Runway Length: 6,000ft

Number of Runways: 1

Type: Private

Phenom 300 Private Jet Profile

The fantastic Phenom 300 private jet has continued to grow in popularity since its launch in 2009. Designed to win market share in the Super Light Jet category, the Phenom 300 quickly gained ground on the beloved Cessna Citation XLS.
Embraer Executive Jets introduced the Phenom 100 Very Light Jet in 2005 with a view to take on the air taxi market and compete with the Citation Mustang and Eclipse 500. Following the Phenom 100’s success, Embraer’s market research identified the need for a larger aircraft to compliment the Phenom 100. From this, the Super Light Jet Phenom 300 was born from the Phenom 100 blueprint. The two aircraft were developed in tandem and the first Phenom 300 was delivered roughly one year after the first Phenom 100.
Phenom 300 Exterior

The Phenom 300 has so far progressed through three variations since launch. The original Phenom 300, manufactured between 2009 and 2018. The Phenom 300E from 2018 featuring an upgraded interior and enhanced avionics. A further upgraded Phenom 300E has been announced 2020 with more technological advancements. All three versions have a similar range of around 2,000 nautical miles. This translates to a truly trans continental aircraft connecting cities such as London and Athens, Paris to Moscow and New York to Las Vegas.

The Phenom 300 was a real step forward for brining private jets into a modern era of design. The cabin in designed in partnership with BMW DesignWorksUSA. Their task was to make the Phenom 300 cabin a practical, stylish space with clean lines and a modern feel. Stepping on board the Phenom 300, the superior design is immediately clear and groups of up to 8 can travel in comfort. The aircraft comes in three different seating configurations from 6 to 8. There is also the option of adding a belted toilet seat for a 9th passenger.
Phenom 300 Interior
If you usually fly on a Citation CJ2 or Beechjet 400A, the Phenom 300 is a perfect next step. Why not charter a Phenom 300 private jet for your next trip? Contact our private jet charter experts today for more information on or +442039600123 or request a quote here.

Citation Latitude Private Jet Profile

Cessna’s Citation Latitude entered the market in 2015 and quickly filled the growing void in the Midsize private jet category. Cessna designed the Citation Latitude to bridge the gap between the popular but shorter range Citation XLS+ and Citation Sovereign.
Building on Cessna’s unmatched private jet pedigree, the Citation Latitude incorporates design features from sister aircraft. The Latitude is most similar to the Citation Sovereign. The aircraft share the same classification (C680/C68A) and the same wing design. The newly designed fuselage is the most important upgrade for the passenger. The Citation Latitude is wider by more than a foot providing a solid improvement to on board comfort. The Citation Latitude has a 6ft cabin height and flat floor meaning its easier to move about within the aircraft. The Citation Latitude has so much room on board that some charter operators provide a cabin attendant as standard.
Cessna Citation Latitude Private Jet Range
With the end of production of Beechcrafts popular Hawker range, the only other innovation within the Midsize category has been Embraer’s Legacy 450. Comparing the range of the Latitude, Legacy 450 and Hawker 900XP, all 3 aircraft have between 2,900 and 2,700 nautical miles. This translates to non stop flights such as Geneva to Dubai and LA to New York with 4 passengers on board. However, you only need to scratch the surface and the Latitude and Legacy 450 surpass the old Hawkers in many ways. The Latitude has 100 cubic feet of baggage meaning ample space for a family and a couple sets of golf clubs compared to the Hawkers 16 cubic feet. The Latitude can also handle a significantly larger payload and the cabin is much more modern.

The cabin design features on the Citation Latitude make the aircraft a pleasure to fly in. The low cabin altitude keeps you feeling refreshed during flight and the seats are large and comfortable. The galley is large enough to provide hot food and a large range of options for both short and long flights. The roomy lavatory is over 60% larger than its closest competitor and doesn’t feel cramped. Wi-fi is standard for mainland USA however, this is easily added for the rest of the world too.
Citation Latitude Private Jet Interior
If you usually fly on a Citation XLS or Phenom 300 the Citation Latitude is a perfect next step. The aircrafts lower running costs mean there is a fantastic compromise between comfort and price. Why not charter a Citation Latitude for your next trip? Contact our private jet charter experts today for more information on or +442039600123 or request a quote here.

Covid 19 Travel Restrictions May Update

Countries across Europe are beginning to publicise their Covid 19 travel restrictions ahead of the summer season.  While travel within the EU is already less restrictive, passengers from outside the EU will need to meet additional requirements which differ per destination. We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular European destinations for private jets and discuss the current requirements for travellers below. As the summer approaches we expect to see significant easing of restrictions particularly for countries reliant on tourism.

Our private jet charter experts are ready to assist you with any enquiries you might have. We understand that Covid 19 rules can be complicated, so we are ready to help guide you through any requirements.


Croatia is open to travellers who can provide either; proof of full vaccination, a negative PCR test result, a negative antigen test or confirmation of recovery from Covid-19 within the last 180 days. In addition you would also need to have proof of your accommodation booking and complete a declaration before travel.


Travellers who have received both doses of a coronavirus vaccine will be welcomed from May 1. Providing travellers meet these requirements there would be no need to take a test or self-isolate on arrival.

Croatia Private Beach


Passengers are permitted to enter providing they are arriving from the EU and United Kingdom and have not been outside of these countries in the last 14 days. Travellers require a negative Covid 19 test no older than 72 hours and must complete a sworn statement.


Greece is planning to reopen to tourists on the 15th of May. Travellers arriving into Greece will be required to hold a negative Covid test no older than 72 hours before arrival. Alternatively, travellers need to be fully vaccinated.


Having been hit so hard in 2020, Italy is taking a more cautious approach to re-opening. It is expected that it will be possible to travel to Italy from June with an announcement from the government due in May.


Malta is expected to reopen to fully vaccinated tourists from the 1st of June.


Portugal has lifted its flight ban with the UK and is expected to welcome back tourists from the 17th of May . It is expected that travellers with a negative test or proof of vaccination/antibodies can enter with no quarantine required.


Spain has expressed its desire to welcome back tourists from June with a pilot beginning in May. It is expected that there will be a digital health certificate showing vaccination or negative results status.

Marbella Beach

If you are interested in travelling to a country not listed above, contact us today for further information. Our private jet charter experts will help guide you though any Covid 19 travel restrictions or requirements. Call us any time on +442039600123 or emails us on for a free quote and no obligation advice and guidance on 2021 private jet travel. Our friendly charter experts are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Spring 2021 Private Jet Travel

Although many countries have restricted international travel for tourism temporarily, there is hope that holidays will be possible before June. We’ve taken a closer look at which countries in Europe are keen to welcome back tourists as soon as possible for Spring 2021 private jet travel. If you want to travelling to any of the destinations below or anywhere else, we are here to help.

Global 6000 Private Jet

UK to Europe

This week the Cypriot deputy tourism minister Savvas Perdios, announced that Cyprus would begin welcoming British tourists from the 1st of May. Conditions for entry into Cyprus are currently; proof of both jabs and a negative coronavirus test (or quarantine on arrival). Passengers arriving into Cyprus must have received two doses of the vaccines that have been approved by the European Medicines Agency. British tourists make up the largest proportion of all visitors to Cyprus but its hoped other nations will be welcomed soon too.

Portugal is another destination popular with British travellers which has announced that they intend to welcome arrivals from from mid May. The Portuguese Atlantic island of Madeira, located 1,000km from mainland Portugal has opened a corridor to vaccinated travellers. Neighbouring Spain is also considering a corridor between UK which is positive for regular visitors and also the Spanish economy which benefits greatly form tourism. Travel to Greece is also currently possible with a negative test and 7 day isolation period, these restrictions are also expected to ease in the coming weeks.

Internal Europe

Travel between EU countries is also now on the agenda with plans for a “green pass” being explored. At the moment travel between EU countries is for essential reasons only but a “green pass” would open up travel between EU countries for tourism too.

Pilatus PC12 Private Jet

Booking your trip early gives better private jet availability and will in turn lead to more competitive pricing and better aircraft choice. We understand that you may have some reservations around travelling and particularly over cancellation fees. We’ve extended our industry leading cancellation policy into quarter 2 meaning that booking your next private jet flight with dBB Aviation gives you greater security and protection.

Contact us today on +442039600123 or for a free quote and no obligation advice and guidance on Spring 2021 private jet travel. Our friendly charter experts are ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Praetor 600 Private Jet Profile

Embraer’s Praetor 600 has become an immediate classic since being introduced in 2019. With a rapid delivery roll out across the world, more and more customers are enjoying this fantastic aircraft. The Praetor 600 private jet really is a class leader with one of the best combinations of design, features and range that you can currently get your hands on.
Praetor 600 Private Jet
The Praetor 600 has class leading range and connects cities that were previously not reached by this category. Covering a fantastic 4,018 nautical miles, this is a 28% increase on the aircrafts predecessor, the Legacy 500. This means that you can now fly non stop from London to Dubai, LA to San Juan and New Delhi to Tokyo. These cities are normally only connected by Heavy or Ultra Long Range Jets. The Super Midsize Praetor 600 brings cost savings while maintaining the luxury experience for up to 9 passengers.
Praetor 600 private jet Interior
Embraer’s leading modern cabin design is obvious in the Praetor 600. With sleek lines and colour combinations the cabin is a delight to be in for the maximum range of 6 hours. All the expected modern connectivity and technology can be found on board the Praetor 600. With the ergonomic seating and features comfort is guaranteed when travelling on a Praetor 600 private jet. With a full and spacious galley passengers can enjoy a full dining experience with hot food.
Embraer’s Praetor 600 baggage hold is generous at 110 cubic feet so there’s no concern about baggage. Just in case you need it, there’s also 45 cubic feet of baggage in the rear of the aircraft cabin to compliment the main hold. Why not hire a Praetor 600 for your next trip? Contact our private jet hire experts today for more information on or +442039600123 or request a quote here.

Private Jet Profile: Global 7500

The Bombardier Global 7500 has quickly become one of the most desired aircraft on the charter market. It is the largest Ultra-Long-Range private jet to have entered service over the past two years and increasing in popularity. The leading Canadian manufacturer has developed upon its successful and popular Global 6000 to create the new aircraft. Featuring four luxury cabin zones for living, entertaining, dining and maximum comfort. Consisting of a Club Suite, Conference Suite, Entertainment Suite and Private Suite suitable for extended ranges of up to 14,300km. The aircraft is perfect for business, pleasure however, both at the same time is definitely an option with this aircraft. The dining area allows for a full width table enabling up to 7 passengers to eat at the same time.

Global 7500 Private Jet


The Global 7500’s performance, range and speed can see inaccessible routes open up, such as London to Singapore, New York to Hong Kong, Los Angeles to Sydney and Sao Paulo to Dubai. This allows seamless, direct flights with less time spent travelling and no fuel stops.

Cabin Features

Boasting the largest cabin its category, the Global 7500 can seat up to 17 passengers. However, 10-12 passengers is our recommendation to ensure everyone flies in comfort. The cabin utilises Bombardier P?r Air to circulate fresh air and filter out allergens, bacteria and viruses making it safer for Covid 19 travel. The luxurious and modern cabin allows for endless entertainment no matter how long the flight.

Global 7500 Dining Table

The Global 7500 private jet has been designed for seamless transition between life on the ground and long distance international flights. Incredibly, the aircraft has a service ceiling of 51,000ft one of the highest on the market and it boasts the largest galley in its category. Therefore, passengers can enjoy fine dining in a well-lit space from ultra-large windows followed by lying back and enjoying the large wall mounted TVs.

Why not hire a Global 7500 for your next trip? Contact our private jet hire experts today for more information on or +442039600123 or request a quote here.

Skiing by Private Jet 2021

The 2020/2021 ski season is about to get underway across Europe and North America. With significant amounts of snow falling early this year some resorts have opened earlier than ever but some are still dealing with Covid 19 restrictions. A few of the resorts which chose to open earlier have had to temporarily close due to enhanced restrictions being imposed. Check out our status report below for which resorts are open, when temporary restrictions are due to be lifted and where you can travel to by private jet for skiing in 2021.


Leading the way with opening, Switzerland has the highest number of resorts open at the time of writing. Authorities are planning for a normal opening timetable as the snow arrives. Switzerland has avoided a winter national lockdown so resorts across the country are ready to make the most of the early snowfall. Swiss Ski centres that are currently open have strict measures in place to prevent any spread of Covid 19.


Normally opening mid December, the exact timing of French ski resorts opening this season is subject to the end of a second national lockdown, now expected in January. While the glacier resorts of Les Deux Alps and Tignes had already opened, unfortunately they were forced to close temporarily. Val Thorens had originally targeted an opening date of 21st of November which has also had to delay to in line with the rest of the countries resorts.


Austrian resorts are planning for a normal operation for the 2020-2021 ski season. Nine ski centres had opened in October but have since had to temporarily close due to a second national lockdown being imposed. Similar to France, the majority of areas usually open mid December so are on track to open in line with restrictions easing at the start of December. One of Austria’s largest ski resorts, Ischgl, has also confirmed that it doesn’t plan to open now until mid-December.

Private Jet Skiing 2021


Italy’s ski season was gathering pace in October after four areas were opened with fantastic conditions due to continued early snowfall. Similar to Austria, unfortunately Italy has been subject to enhanced restrictions due to Covid 19 and resorts which were open were forced to close for a month on the 27th of October. Considering how hard northern Italy was hit during the first wave of the pandemic, it’s currently unclear whether resorts will open in mid December.

North America

A number of resorts in Canada and the United States have begun to open. Mammoth Mountain in California, Lookout Pass in Idaho and Cypress Mountain in BC, Canada being some of the first. High demand in Canada and Colorado is seeing a limited number of tickets selling out which is expected to ease as more resorts open. Canadian ski centres are operating with stricter restrictions than in Europe such as fewer skiers on the mountain and on lifts in addition to social distancing.

Skiing By Private Jet 2021

What If I Need To Cancel My Ski Trip Due To Covid 19?

We’ve recently seen an increase in requests for ski trips in the New Year and some customers have been asking us, what if I have to cancel my ski trip? We understand that you may have to cancel your ski trip due to Covid 19 so dBB Aviation work with operators to get the most competitive cancellation fees possible. Our cancellation fees can be up to 50% lower than other providers and some times we can even have cancellation fees waived by operators. Booking with dBB Aviation gives you greater peace of mind should your plans change. As a business built on trust we will be transparent with cancellation policies before booking and if you have a specific circumstance you would like us to check we will be very happy to do so.

We can see a clear appetite for skiing from both patrons and businesses across Europe and North America. Many resorts are gearing up to open as soon as they possibly can with enhanced safety measures where necessary.

dBB Aviation are here to help you go skiing safely in 2021 by private jet. Email us on, call us on +442039600123 or send us an enquiry here for friendly assistance for your trip and a free no obligation quote.

Private Jet to Gstaad

Christmas Travel By Private Jet

After what can only be described as a year to remember, we are seeing an increase of requests for travel over Christmas 2020 and the New Year break. With airlines still running limited flight schedules it can be difficult to arrange travel but flying by private jet is a great solution to get you where you want to be for Christmas this year.

What Travel Restrictions Are In Place Currently?

Travel restrictions across Europe are changing regularly and it can be hard to stay up to date. One of the bigger changes was when Italy and Spain introduced a requirement for passengers to arrive with negative Covid 19 tests. Restrictions depend on both the situation in the country you are departing and the country of arrival, so they can become complex to navigate. The dBB Aviation team stay up to date with the latest restrictions and requirements so we can help advise you with any potential trips you might have. We are always happy to help with any questions or queries so please feel free to reach out to the team at any time.

What If I Need To Cancel My Trip?

We appreciate that plans can change and sometimes you may need to cancel a trip especially with Covid 19 changing things regularly. We are actively working with operators to reduce and limit cancellation fees and payment terms where we can in order to give you better security. Our cancellation fees can be up to 50% lower than other providers so booking with dBB Aviation gives you greater peace of mind should your plans change. As a business built on trust, we are transparent with cancellation policies before booking. If you have a specific circumstance you would like us to check we will be very happy to do so.

Email us on, call us on +442039600123 or send us an enquiry here for friendly assistance for your trip and a free no obligation quote.

Where Can I Go Skiing In 2021?

Across Europe and the world, there are still travel restrictions in place due to the Coronavirus outbreak but we are regularly asked, where can I go skiing in 2021?

Resorts across Europe are expecting and planning for the ski season to go ahead with social distancing and additional precautions at hotels and bars. But where Covid 19 travel restrictions remain in place it can be difficult to select and commit to a particular resort. All hope is not lost though as there are many resorts across Europe which you might not know about.


In south west on the Austrian border there is a little piece of Germany which catches the edge of the Alps. At Oberstdorf within the Allgauer Hochalpen Nature Reserve you’ll find the usual alpine scene. Oberstdorf has over 130km of slopes and 70km of cross country routes to enjoy. There’s even a ski jump and toboggan run for the thrill seekers.

Oberstdorf Skiing by Private Jet
Oberstdorf Skiing by Private Jet

Yes! Scotland really does have real snow ski resorts, in fact there are 5 locations you can visit to ski in Scotland. While the official season runs December to April similar to central Europe, the best snow is often found in January to February. Glenshee Ski Centre is the largest resort and there are 22 lifts serving over 40km of piste to enjoy. Cairngorm is the highest resort and has 30km of pisted runs and also has a terrain park with jumps and pipes for freestyle skiing and snowboarding.


Home to 28 smaller resorts, Serbia has 97 kilometres of runs to enjoy. Kopaonik is the largest resort with 55 of the 97 kilometres split across blue red and black runs. You can expect typical Balkan value with a ski trip to Serbia, skiing, accomodation and apres are all well priced and will be unique in style.

Ski in Serbia by Private Jet
Ski in Serbia by Private Jet

As glamourous as the most expensive Alpine resorts but effortlessly cool in true Nordic fashion, skiing at the Swedish resort of Are is a brilliant proposition. In true Scandi style, slopes are quiet and skiers are polite but scenery and experience are still fantastic. Snow comfortably stays on the slopes until mid May and even though the days are short in December and January sophisticated floodlighting keeps the slopes open until mid afternoon.

Whether you’re looking for somewhere new to ski in 2021 or if you are just looking for somewhere possible, our private jet charter experts are here to help. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote on +442039600123, email us on or enquire via our website.