King Air 200


Range 3,185km
Cabin Height 1.45m
Cabin Width 1.37m
Cabin Length 5.08m
Seats 7
Luggage Capacity 1.57m3

True versatility and performance

The Hawker Beechraft King Air 200 is a fantastically versatile aircraft. With the King Air line having been in production since 1972 the model has undergone continuous improvement it’s since launch. The King Air 200 will typically seat 6-9 passengers depending on configuration and can travel up to 3 hours non stop. Versatility is a key principle of the King Air 200, able to take off and land on short strips and with a large cargo style baggage hold in the rear of the cabin, the King Air 200 is perfect for a variety of roles in addition to being a comfortable charter aircraft.

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